Coronavirus Outbreak Forces India To Lockdown Country

coronavirus outbreak
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The coronavirus Outbreak has raised to 315 positive cases that include 7 deaths till 22nd march 2020. The highest affected state in India is Maharashtra, and the north-eastern parts do not have any cases of corona-virus positive cases. One positive case has been confirmed in Jorhat, Assam, while Gujarat has its first death due to the corona-virus outbreak.
It was on 21st March 2020, a woman in 40s was tested coronavirus positive, has no foreign travel history. This has brought the coronavirus outbreak in India to an alarming condition, another similar case has been found in West Bengal. A 57-year-old man in West Bengal is corona virus-positive without any history of foreign travels in West Bengal.
This is an indication of the corona-virus outbreak in India to move to the third phase. Entering the third phase will lead the situation to land in an uncontrollable situation. So, it was on 22nd March 2020, the Janata curfew was encompassed in every part of India. A step towards reducing the gatherings and increasing the social distancing, the only way to break the chain of the coronavirus outbreak.
Lockdowns based on the coronavirus outbreak in India
Coronavirus outbreak has led to lockdown in different states of the country after the Janata curfew. Maharashtra facing the largest outbreak of the viral infection ordered a lockdown of local trains, buses, and non-essential businesses. Essential services are to be carried out regularly. All over 700 local trains have been suspended on the day to maintain the Janata curfew strictly. International flights have already been barred to safeguard further spreading of the coronavirus.
Initiative in all possible ways is carried out by the Indian government to overcome the epidemic condition in India. This pandemic has destroyed the European countries with major loss of lives. The concern of the coronavirus spread in India has forced India to take such decisions for countries well being.

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