Holi 2020: A Wonder to Experience in Vrindavan India

Holi 2020

Holi, one of the traditional religious celebrations in India. Holi 2020, celebrated in different parts of the world. Yes, Holi is one of the colorful celebrations that is played in different parts of the world has originated from Vrindaban India. Let’s peep into the history of Vrindaban India, which turned Holi 2020 to be a famous colorful tradition all over the world.

Story of Gulal in Vrindaban Holi 2020

  • Holi is celebrated in the birthplace of Krishna, Vrindaban is known for the love story of Radha and Krishna. The time to feel the love and play with the colors to celebrate love. The main theme of playing Holi is to beat the boys with sticks when they throw colors on the girls. It is also known as lath mar Holi.
  • This tradition is still seen in Brij and other places of Vrindavan when the girls are seen running after boys with a stick to protect themselves from the colors that are thrown by them. Temples of Vrindaban perform rituals on the occasion of holi as happens on a full moon. In mythologically it is “Purnima”, that make Holi an auspicious day.
  • Holi 2020 is held on the full moon on 9th and 10th that makes that auspicious day to play colors, due to “Purnima”. 

Holi, being the celebration of love and happiness is a tradition after the colorful love play between Radha and Lord Krishna. The sacredness and purity of their love relationship rejoice on this day. Though it is tradition and culture of the Hindus it is played by all religions. 

Widow’s colorful Holi is played in ashrams of Vrindaban as an opposition to the restrictions for widows to wear colorful dresses. Playing of Holi is been a gesture to show love and happiness, that can be celebrated as a tradition and culture, also grooming year after year. 

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