Home Decor NYC Tribeca Loft A Luxury Landmark

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Home decor NYC Tribeca Loft has been one of the masterpieces by Architect Andrew Franz, it was created in a warehouse located in Manhattan which stands as a landmark. Innovative transformation of the warehouse with modern furniture and floor including the unique exertion of spaces. 

Firstly the catches the eyes is the dropped roof, glass made rectangular rooftop of the mezzanine floor, the sun-rays directly touch the floors made of wood.  An iron staircase that joins the roof to the floor below. Nothing additional has been spent for new fixing of the treads while the simple magic worked with the old joists used to fix as the treads of the staircase.

photo courtesy: www.andrew Franz.
Adjoining the glass top surface is the flower garden with flowers and climbing plants.  Filled with green plants with a sitting place on wooden floor planks, one can find the views refreshing. The view is of the seaside and fresh breeze of air hitting the sitting area. 
Green grass flooring below the wooden and stone flooring has been tactfully laid in a small terrace space providing a sitting area and a garden.

Timber joists have been used as a false ceiling that has a transparency of wood and concrete.  It is below the garden area that is provided with sitting space furniture made of iron. Flooring made of stone slabs and gravels covered with the rooftop. 
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Toilet has the outmost modern driven layout of furniture as this warehouse has a spacious bathing place with quality accessories and stunning tile work. Grey tiles work with a beaded wooden framework. Large texture grey tiles for the toilet tiles developed a bright contrast with the wood and the bathroom home decor NYC has a mutual color and texture combinationhome decor nyc tribeca loft

Home decor NYC of Tribecca loft has a contrast of wood and concrete theme along with the different furniture placement that has made the area attractive spacious. The entire work has visual creativity combined with the utility aspect of the warehouse which stands as a landmark for Manhattan New York.

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