Northeast Visit To Discover Cleanliness In State Of Clouds

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The Christian community of Meghalaya expands to the areas of Mawlynnong Village that is 90 km away from the capital Shillong. With the recognition of the cleanest village, it has the highest literacy rate of 99 percent. The Khasi tribal people from the East Khasi hills have been working after the cleanliness of the village. As walking by the lanes and roads of the village the serenity of the trees and plants will create a rejuvenation as part of travel northeast.


The lifestyle of the people

While looking into the livelihood, they mostly depend on agriculture and tourism. Before 2003, the village did not have a crowd of tourists throughout the year. The tourism was limited to living root bridge but not as it has gain visits after the honor of the cleanest in Asia. Nothing exemptions can be expected inside the area but the clean roads without thick layers of dust, proper management of the houses related to sanitation, and cleanliness.

Inclusion of modern toilets or other facilities is lacking, irrespective of the absence of modern amenities the place is as clean and fresh that a modern house may not be able to provide.

Houses are made of tin metal and bamboo, as both are easily available, they are durable and cheap, the villager is able to afford. But for the Visitors, Homestays are available, perhaps those who want to spend a day or two can book one earlier or instant. This will help them to know about the culture and way of living. Homestays are one of the ways of earning in Mawlynnong, Northeast.

Rain harvesting and agriculture

Though the place “ABode of clouds” has rainfall round the year most of the time the people suffer from the lack of drinking water. Similarly, in order to grow agriculture, the water problem is common, it is for this particular reason that rain harvesting is encouraged. Agriculture is limited and so they have to depend on the tourists.

Food and Ethnicity

One can try the local dishes if they want or they can also stick their dishes, both types are available in the homestays as well as the local food stalls. Different shops with various bamboo made items or crafts are open for the visitors so that they can buy the unique crafts of Meghalaya. Bamboo art and crafts are the best and popular in the Northeast.

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