Revolution on Basements ideas for exotic spacious appearances

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Basements’ traditional uses have been limited to storage spaces and car parks. Both small and large areas of apartment possessed different kinds of utilities but due to lack of ventilation, it has been never preferred for habitation. For habitable areas the proper air and light are necessary and whenever any old space is observed it was maximum to use of storing of different wanted and unwanted goods.

The revolution that changed the basement to work for various other reasons apart from working as a place for the car park or any other utilities.

Market place: It is common to see the market places in newly constructed areas which are planned in the basement. Specifically in the hilly or mountainous areas when there are possibilities to provide different levels of ventilation with the best open space. In such spaces, the circulation of the air and light both are high compared to the plain areas.

Still, the different mechanical conveniences have enabled the creation of better designs for the basements to act as a commercial space.

Cozy Living Room: Perhaps,  a person with a villa or bungalow with a basement at the lower level. The best decoration that we can realize is a comfortable living room with a theatre arrangement. It can be one of the favorite places for family. A sufficient outdoor light that can be through one or two ventilators is enough for the basement to decorate as a living room.

Laundry: Another common utility is using the space as a laundry. Laundries are an important part of daily life and need a large space. For the placement of the laundry machines, dryers, and handing off the clothes to dry. Altogether, it is a compact place for children to play and listen or play music.

Basements for residential sectors can be used for different purposes, extending to the requirement and the amount of ventilation that is possible to enter the area. But for commercial areas, it is mostly observed to be shops or a large market place apart from the car park and storage.


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