Saji Joao, The Festival of Goa During Rainy Season

Rain in India demands celebrations to welcome the season and new harvests of crops. After the thirsty summer it is the rain that quenches the thirst of all living things. So,  keeping it in mind the “Saji Joao” festival from the southern corner of India, Goa is popular.

Festival of goa

Entire parts of Goa participates in the festival to celebrate the season of rain in India. Beautiful music,  songs and groups together enjoys the drops of rains while playing inside the pools. From young ones to the oldest each ensures to drench in water.

From women to  men all are seen enjoying inside the pool. Western musics, goanese dances and songs are played as long as the festival continues.

Rituals are to offer prayers to the God of rain.  This festival of goa is celebrated every year in the beginning of the monsoon. The prayers are to satisfy lord, and gain prosperity for themselves as farmers.

When it is  a festival it is for sure that food is an essence. Wines, sea foods, and other beverages are served as the parties rolls on.

Festivals of goa 1

People enjoy boating together and comparing to win races on water. Large crowds are around and many participates in the boat rallies.

From  North Goa to South, the Saji Joao is celebrated with joy and laughter. While the southern part of Goa is observed to be more crowded with parties. At each distance of one to two kilometers the dances in the rain is seen.

Festival of goa is not limited to one, but each month there is something to enjoy and have fun. The state may be the smallest that is the majorly popular for the beaches and different festivals which are often reigning.

Saji Joao festival, that symbolizes the start of monsoons. Showers of blessings for another one year for people to stay happy. Prosperity that will reveal through out the year and keep their people, community blessed with good luck.

While winters are having the beach festivities, after summer the goanese welcome the festival of rain.

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